c3270 3.2 General Release

c3270 is a curses-based IBM 3278/3279 terminal emulator.

Documentation is in the html directory. The files are:

What c3270 is
Where c3270 came from (copyright stuff)
How to build and install c3270
Frequently Asked Questions (what to do when something goes wrong)
What's new in this release
What's broken in this release
What isn't in this release
Year 2000 Compliance Statement
There is also a hypertext version of the c3270 man page, and of the man pages for x3270-script and x3270if. Please read Build before going ahead and building the program. Also, if you have a problem, scan through FAQ; there are lots of interesting answers there.

Updates to c3270, as well as the current status of development and bugs, are available from the x3270 Web Page, http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Peaks/7814.

Feel free to send comments, criticism, suggestions, complaints, etc., to Paul Mattes, Paul.Mattes@usa.net. Requests will be addressed as time and resources permit.

There is also an x3270 mailing list, which also includes information about c3270, and which receives news about new releases. Send a message to Paul.Mattes@usa.net (a real person, with an automatic responses for certain subject lines) to get on the list.