CD #6, Version 8.0, OS/390 - MVS Based Systems
The MVS Turnkey Project for Hercules

by Volker Bandke

Inside this CD are two systems: One, the Hercules 370 emulator for Intel-based Windows systems, and two, IBM’s MVS 3.8e system. Feel free to install both these systems and boot up MVS on your PC. You may then develop MVS applications on your PC and port them to a mainframe. If you need assistance, visit the website of the creator, Mr. Volker Bandke at


CD Contents:

  1. Initial System Documentation
  2. To Install Hercules, click on Windows Start icon in lower left hand corner of your screen and then click Run. Enter CMD and then OK. You will get a black box and command line prompt. Enter the drive that your CD is in and press enter (Eg. D: or E:). Then type 'setup' and press enter again. Follow the prompts from the Hercules installation procedure.



NaSPA would like to express their appreciation and gratitude to NaSPA Member Volker Bandke, without whom this project could not have happened.

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