CD #8, Version 8.0
Vendor Product Demonstration Programs and Product Webcasts

You’ve come to rely on NaSPA to help you solve your tough technical problems. Now we have an additional set of tools for your toolbox – CD #8, Version 8.0 of the NaSPA CD-ROM for vendor products.

Note: NaSPA needs vendor program contributions. You may upload them via the web to our file libraries and then will be included on the next CD that we produce. You may access and press the “Files Libraries” icon. There is an upload function on the bottom of the first File Libraries screen. You may also email your contributions to NaSPA Publishing Vice President Denise Rockhill at and she will upload them to the File Libraries for you. We thank you for your participation in this important NaSPA project.



Please read all documentation included with these files carefully. Although some effort has been made to verify the integrity and origin of files, there is NO warranty expressed or implied, software is provided strictly “as is”. This software has not been formally tested by NaSPA, and there is no guarantee that it is free of errors including, but not limited to; system interruption, bugs, defects, or unexpected behavior.

Use this software entirely at your own risk.


CD Contents:
Advanced Software Products Group Cole Software
DCMS Executive Software
Famatech Inifinity Systems
Jolly Giant MacKinney Systems


SPI Dynamics


NaSPA Webcasts:

May 11, 2005 Webcast - Understanding Network and System Threats with Automated Penetration Testing
Sponsored by: Core Security Technologies

May 25, 2005 Webcast - Network Diagnostics for Enterprise Extender
Sponsored by: William Data Systems, LLC


NaSPA would like to express their appreciation and gratitude to the following vendors and NaSPA members, without whom this project could not have happened:

Advanced Software Products Group
Cole Software
Executive Software
Infinity Systems
Jolly Giant
MacKinney Systems
SPI Dynamics
Catherine Scholz
Don McMurray
Denise Rockhill

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